The assembly of the faithful, the people in the pews, is above all other musical organizations, the principal choir of the parish and is the primary means that all parishioners can participate in the music of the Liturgy.

Our Roman Catholic Church is steeped in a rich and noble sacred music tradition of nearly two thousand years.  From the very beginning of the Church, the faithful sang the praises of God in their worship.  Even on the last night of Jesus’ earthly life, he and his disciples went to the Mount of Olives, singing hymns of praise. (Matthew 26:30)

When we celebrate the Mass, we are called to join our voices with the heavenly choirs of angels singing, “Holy, Holy, Holy.”  We become part of the universal and Divine Liturgy of praise and thanksgiving.  Our “music making” is directed to God and is always an offering of our best gifts and talents.

At St. Peter

This ministry with the guidance of Mr. Richard Wm. Donohue guides the parishioners of the Church in beautiful hymns and songs to fully support our liturgical worship. All adults are welcome to join.