Parish Council

Pastoral CouncilThe Saint Peter Pastoral Council is an advisory body to the pastor, assisting him in the discernment of parish needs and in the implementation of parish ministries. Together, the Council and the Pastor seek to give life to the Parish Mission Statement…This collaborative group is actively concerned with the apostolic work of the Church, the Diocese of Norwich, and the parish. It provides leadership, direction, resources, and encouragement for the spiritual and material well being of all parishioners… The Pastoral Council is comprised of the Pastor (Chair), one or both Trustees, the Chair of the Parish Finance Board, the Director of Religious Education, the Chairs of established Council Commissions, and an appointee from the Ladies Guild.

When we meet?

The Pastoral Council meets the first Monday of each month at 7:00 p.m.

Officers of the Pastoral Council:


Gerry Matthews

Vice President

Brian Conte


Pam Salonia


Gloria Maynard
Frank Errato
Carmelo Rosa


Wanda Cacace (Faith Formation)
Trish Crete (Faith Formation)
Lisa Weis (TIA)
Kathy Church (Ladies Guild)
Vicky Bogdan (Christmas Fair)
Michael Farina (Christmas Fair)
Bruce Mazzotta (Building & Mainten.)
Craig Salonia (Building & Mainten.)