St. Peter’s Teens in Action
The St. Peter’s Teens in Action Youth Group is built on the premise that the teens and youth of our parish are a blessing and a gift. Teens are an integral and important part of our parish family as they are the future of our church and they bring unique talents to our parish family.
We strive to:

  • Provide a safe zone where teens can connect to each other to share their faith in a fun way.
  • Help teens be authentic in their sharing and to find and live out their connection to God.
  • Be a place for teens to develop friendships with others who share similar morals and values and to be known for something other than academics or sports.
  • Empower young people to live as disciples of Jesus Christ in our world today.
  • Challenge teens to find their inner strength to put their God-given talents to use to learn what it means to serve others as Christ did.
  • Draw young people to responsible participation in the life, mission, and work of the St. Peter’s faith community.
  • Foster the total, personal and spiritual growth of each young person and find the best in each teen.
  • Be concerned with the whole person, addressing young people’s spiritual needs in the context of other parts of their lives.

We are truly blessed to have an active teen population in our parish and are very appreciative of the support of the parish to help keep our “teens in action,” living out their faith!
Lisa Weis ( and Erika Fleig (

We LOVE TIA In February!
There is LOVE in the air!  And the TIA are doing their part, selling roses in partnership with Roses for Autism, of Pinchbeck Farm in Guilford. This program employs and provides income-earning opportunities for adults with autism.
Teens will take orders through February 4th.  A dozen red, pink, or yellow roses costs $25, with $10 from each order supporting the TIA work camp trip to Pittsburgh this July. Your support is greatly appreciated and LOVED!

TIA RosesA few important items and dates to note for TIA members and parents/guardians:

  • The date of the February meeting has been changed to February 11th (from 6:00 – 8:00 pm) so as not to conflict with the Super Bowl. We will begin preparing for the Living Stations of the Cross, which will be held on Friday, March 23rd at 6:00, followed by a meatless Lenten meal also hosted by the TIA.
  • The 2nd payment ($155) for the Catholic Heart Work Camp trips are due. If you are planning to go on the trip, please bring your payment to the February 11th TIA meeting.
  • Mardi Gras dinner/party February 13th.  Teens needed at 5:30 to help with games and activities for our younger parishioners at the annual Mardi Gras dinner/party hosted by the KoC and the Ladies Guild. Ashes will be distributed immediately following the dinner in the church. 

Are you interested in a parent/teen trip to Hartford Foodshare on a Saturday in April to help pack up food donations for communities in need?  The recent parish survey indicated that families are looking for opportunities to volunteer together.  This is a wonderful facility that allows you do have fun and serve others. Please contact Erika ( if you are interested in participating. We are looking to bring a group of at least 16 parents and teens.
And don’t forget, you can always find the TIA Event Calendar online.
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    Teens in Action in Pittsburgh this summer!!
    Every summer the St. Peter’s TIA heads to a different part of the United States to join the Catholic Heart Work Camp team in helping people in need repair their homes.  This year, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania will join the list of cities where the teens from St Peter’s have a made a difference.  Other cities served by our TIA in past years include Plattsburgh NY, North Arlington NJ, Cumberland MD, Boston MA, Laurel MD, and Providence RI. At these different CHWC sites, teens from St. Peter’s join over 300 Catholic youth from around the country for a week of service and prayer.  Teens work in small groups at either the homes of needy people or agencies that provide services to people in need.  So many of our teens come back saying, “It has changed my life!”  St Peters has 30 spaces for the trip this summer which will take place from July 15th to the 21st.  To find out more about the CHWC experience, visit To find out more about the St Peter TIA CHWC mission trip this summer email Lisa Weis at

    St Peter’s TIA arriving in Plattsburgh NY for their CHWC mission trip