St. Peter’s Teens in Action
The St. Peter’s Teens in Action Youth Group is built on the premise that the teens and youth of our parish are a blessing and a gift. Teens are an integral and important part of our parish family as they are the future of our church and they bring unique talents to our parish family.
We strive to:
Provide a safe zone where teens can connect to each other to share their faith in a fun way.
Help teens be authentic in their sharing and to find and live out their connection to God.
Be a place for teens to develop friendships with others who share similar morals and values and to be known for something other than academics or sports.
Empower young people to live as disciples of Jesus Christ in our world today.
Challenge teens to find their inner strength to put their God-given talents to use to learn what it means to serve others as Christ did.
Draw young people to responsible participation in the life, mission, and work of the St. Peter’s faith community.
Foster the total, personal and spiritual growth of each young person and find the best in each teen.
Be concerned with the whole person, addressing young people’s spiritual needs in the context of other parts of their lives.
We are truly blessed to have an active teen population in our parish and are very appreciative of the support of the parish to help keep our “teens in action,” living out their faith!
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St. Peter’s TIA in the Steel City for CHWC 2018

23 teens from St. Peter’s Teens in Action group and 5 chaperones traveled more than 1000 miles and spent a week of summer vacation at Catholic Heart Work Camp, serving those in need outside of Pittsburgh. This is the eighth consecutive year that teens from St. Peter’s have participated in Catholic Heart Work Camp, and the first (and longest!) trip to Pittsburgh.






Campers at the Pittsburgh camp, which was housed at Quigley Catholic High School, came from 10 parishes representing Wisconsin, Maryland, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Connecticut. Many of the communities and residents surrounding Pittsburgh are still suffering from the economic consequences of the decline of the steel industry in “the Steel city.” Many elderly residents simply don’t have the means or the resources to keep up their homes and properties, and have sadly watched them fall into disrepair over the years. Once thriving downtown areas of surrounding suburbs like Aliquippa are struggling to bring life back to their downtown areas by giving them a much-needed facelift.
The teens from St. Peter’s worked in small groups with other campers from other states and parishes every day during the week-long trip. After a brief morning program each day, that began with prayer, worship, and some administrative details, groups headed out to their assigned work location for a 5-6-hour day of work. Teens spent their days of service at residences or local agencies weeding, clearing, repairing, painting, organizing, stocking shelves, and more. On top of providing much needed help to those in need, teens and their group leaders spent time getting to know those they were serving, learning about them and learning about their lives and their stories…and sometimes simply being with those in need of company and a welcome smile. 
But the days didn’t end when teens left their work sites. Each night provided an opportunity for teens to celebrate their faith with others, in game, in song, and in worship. And the teens from St. Peter’s raced for front row seats at “program” each night, eager to soak up every last moment of this amazing experience and put their excitement about their faith and the work they were doing that week on full display.
The impact of the week was felt by the teens of St. Peter’s as well, many who are “seasoned” campers. But the week also had special meaning for some first-time campers. “It felt amazing to finally give back to the community and help others in need. Even when you are exhausted rom working in the sun all day, its worth it when the resident you helped smiles and says how grateful they are for a helping hand,” noted Eve. Amanda, another first-time camper said, “This week was an extremely life-changing week for me…. My most meaningful memory of the week was Four Corners night. This was an extremely emotional experience for a lot of people, including myself. After that night I felt like a whole new person and I will never forget it.” And Brianna commented, “CHWC was a very different experience from what I am used to, but the trip opened my eyes to many new things and I was able to take part in some events that I will never forget.
Perhaps one of the most touching events of the week comes on the last night, where those who were on the receiving end of the hours of service come to share their thoughts and gratitude with the campers. One gentleman summed up his experience by simply saying “I love you” to the group that helped him complete some much-needed home repairs and maintenance that week. He said that he expected to make new friends that week. But after spending the week with his group he truly considered them family. 

Well done St. Peter’s Teens in Action. Well done, putting your faith into action.